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tonight is my second night out at UVM. Freshman make alot of stupid decissions, I just wish my freinds didn't.

edit: looking back on what i wrote last night. while my freinds here are my freinds they are still young. Still prey to the stupidity of youth.

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im trying not to neglect my lj as much in these last few weeks before i goto school.

i like my possition in life right now. my parents are encouraging me to become and academic and i happen to agree with them. im starting at uvm in a few weeks, im going to rush through undergrad if all goes well ill be into graduate work in 2.5 years, then 1 year getting my masters.

i love my freinds, harry, eli, mickey, sarah, adam, manus, and all the rest of the KA and AEPi. (who would have thought that im spending more of my time with frat guys.)

i just got back from vaction with my family it was nice we went to the sonoma coast, beautiful place.

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its been awhile since ive updated.


now i remeber while i hardly update. i often dont have too much to be put into words.

i like my coworker lawrence. hes pretty cool for a adult.

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day 3:
my father said this to me the other day, "your salvation lies in you mind."

I've started studing group theory. I cannot explain the full rediclousness of it, see passage below:

"Let X be a finite set and let Sx denote the set of all permutations of X onto itself:

Sx= { f: X->X | f is a bijection}

This set has the following properties:

1. if f, g belong to Sx, then fg (the composition of these permutations) also belongs to Sx.

2. if f,g,h belong to Sx, then (fg)h = f(gh).

3. the identity permutation I: X -> X belongs to Sx

4. if f belongs to Sx the the inverse permutation f^-1 also belongs to Sx.

The set Sx is called the symetric group of X. We shall usually take for the set of X a set of the form {1, 2, 3, ..., n}, in which case we shall denote the symmetric group by Sn, this group is also called the symmetric group on n letters."

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i was bored academically.

i got math books on cryptography and group theory. im enjoying both of them, except i dont know what the binary function is.